Tougher street racing laws coming into effect

Street racing is going to be a little tougher to get away with starting Sunday when changes to the Motor Vehicle Act come into effect.

The amendments were passed last fall and they include a broader definition of what constitutes street racing or stunt driving.

“Specific aggressive or dangerous behaviour such as racing, chasing another vehicle, certainly driving 50 kilometres or more over the posted speed limit,” said Murray Scott, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

“Also, this would pertain more to motorcycles, lifting one or more wheels off the ground.”

The desire to change the act came about last summer after a number of incidents in Nova Scotia and across Canada where young people were killed through dangerous and irresponsible driving.

On Aug. 2, Alex Lambert, 20, and Allyson Kinley, 23, were both killed when their cars collided head on around 9 p.m. on Main Street in Dartmouth.

The crash is believed to have been a result of street racing involving another car and a 17-year-old boy was charged with dangerous driving last December in relation to the incident.

Drivers caught racing on Nova Scotia streets and highways starting Jun. 1 will be fined $2,000 for the first offence, $5,000 for the second and $10,000 for the third.


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