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Tourist beaten unconscious for refusing Statue of Liberty tickets

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A tourist was taken to Bellevue Hospital after an ex-con fractured his skull for declining to purchase tickets to visit the Statue of Liberty.

The victim, 33, was visiting from Arkansas with his family when he was attacked on Monday afternoon for declining to purchase the tickets, ABC reported.

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After refusing the tickets offered by a woman near the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the victim was subsequently punched by a man who may have been working with the woman, the New York Daily News reported. A single punch knocked the victim unconscious.

The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Robert Anderson, an ex-con with 10 prior convictions who has had several previous run-ins with the New York City Parks Dept. Police, the New York Post added in a related article.

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At Bellevue, the victim was alert and conscious when he met with police, according to the Daily News.

Police are aware of sellers peddling fake Statue of Liberty tickets, ABC added.

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