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Track your cycle with this digital menstrual cup

Have you ever wanted to know what the color of your period meant? Did you not know untill just now that your period can vary in color and that color means something?

Well we have good news for you then, there’s a new Kickstarter project for a digital menstrual cup called the LoonCup, that wants to help you with that and a whole bunch more.

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“A LOONCUP can do so much more than a tampon, pad, or even a regular menstrual cup. It’s the world’s first smart menstruation cup, and you’ll love the way it tells you how full it is, and when it’s time to refresh,” the project description explains. “LOONCUP can even track your fluid volume, and tell you about your fluid color and cycle. Try finding a tampon, pad, or cup that can do all that!”

For those of you who don’t know what a menstrual cup is in the first place it’s essentially a rubber cup that fits inside a woman’s vagina and catches her menstrual flow. They are also known as diva cups, moon cups and my personally created nickname: lady chalices. Menstrual cups have, according to the women I spoke to in the Metro office, grown in popularity due to their sustainability, simplicity and wallet friendliness.

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The LoonCup has a battery and is bluetooth friendly so it can relay all the information about your period to your smartphone and smartwatch.

This lead us to wonder: Will women actually want to have what is essentially a radio in their vagina?

Can someone hack into your LoonCup and thus hack into your vagina? Think of the chaos.

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