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Trade centre will result in more employment, tax revenue, says report

Trade Centre Limited has released yet another report concerning the impact of the proposed new trade centre.

This report, prepared by Gardner Pinfold and released yesterday, is being branded as a supplement to a previous economic impact assessment. According to TCL spokeswoman Suzanne Fougere, the new report is based on updated market projections completed by TCL in June.

The report estimates over 10 years, the new facility will result in approximately an additional 12,000 people employed, as well as $79 million more in provincial and federal taxes compared to the current trade centre. Those people do not reflect actual jobs, Gardner Pinfold clarified, but the direct, indirect, and spin-off employment the facility may create.

This is the eighth study commissioned by Trade Centre Limited on the proposed trade centre. As of yet, however, the full plan — and price tag — for the trade centre has not been released. The province is reviewing that plan, submitted by Joe Ramia’s Rank Inc. on Monday. According to Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal spokesperson Cathie MacIsaac, the province will release the majority of the plan, as well as a shadow bid, in the coming weeks.

Recommendation on way.

• Funding Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks told the Canadian Press he’ll make a recommendation on whether or not to help fund the new trade centre to cabinet in the fall, and that his decision will be based on “cold, hard facts.”

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