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Traditional and rich, simple and fresh at Oke Woods

Neutral doesn’t have to mean unexciting when it comes to design, as long as you keep things fresh.

The model home at Oke Woods in South Courtice, just east of Oshawa, reveals how sticking to a colour palette can really infuse a space with personality.

Lisa Labriola, interior designer for Design Ease, went for a neutral look in the model home that is simple, punchy and eye-catching.

“I try to remain somewhat neutral in my colour selections — I don’t want too many of the applications to be too boisterous. I like simple lines and simple colours,” Labriola said.

In the kitchen, dark wood cabinetry meshes with crème tones to provide a sense of balance and warmth that Labriola says is inspired by Tuscan designs.

Luxurious colours and textures in the living room mixed with simple lines and striking contrasts create a sophisticated look that still maintains a down-to-earth comfort that gives the space its family atmosphere.

“The model as a whole does have a lot of rich aspects to it and a neutral palette but it is inspired by the thought of a young family. The whole look is supposed to be very fresh and young with a contemporary flair. I like to keep a neutral base with furniture that is simple but rich-looking,” Labriola said.

Dark wood flooring is contrasted in the living area with the soft, off-white furniture to give depth to the space and maintain a sense of warmth from room to room.

“I kept the entire feel of the model in warm tones, with light furniture to contrast with the dark flooring because the house is so open. You don’t want to overkill any colour — if you have white cabinets you don’t want to have white sofas,” Labriola said.

It’s all about mixing a traditional feel with a contemporary look, from the almost polka-dot like pattern on the window curtains matching the darker tones of the wood-and-glass coffee table to the rounded, antique-styled lamps flanking the squared-off lines of the rug and couches.

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