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Trains treated to local tunes

There’s a rumble on the tracks and it’s more than just trains causing the stir.
In the lead up to the Juno Awards on Sunday night, local musicians plied their trade on C-Trains Tuesday, the beginning of Music in Motion events that will provide some of Calgary’s finest up-and-coming musicians with a captive commuter audience.
“At least they can’t go anywhere for a bit, they kind of have to listen and pay attention,” said guitar player Jay Bowcott with a chuckle, just before boarding at Chinook Mall. “It’s going to be an interesting experience.”
Curious passengers smiled, toes tapped and applauds broke out as songs finished, and while she’s seen such musical interludes break out on Montreal’s subway systems many times over the years, Julie Paquin thought it was a great idea.
“It gives a real ambience,” she said.
Musicians will be back on Calgary’s trains today, Saturday and Sunday, providing commuter passengers with a good distraction from the clacking of the steel wheels.
Sam Masterton, with his modified lap-top steel guitar, jumped at the opportunity to do it, the first time he’d ever played a subway gig.
“I’ll take it anyway I can get it,” he said.
“Music is my way of communicating things I can’t find the words to say, getting out emotions I couldn’t get out anywhere else, besides the ice rink, and it’s nice to be able to share that with people.”
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