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TransGas founder’s sexual fantasies and confession allegedly recorded


“I just couldn’t do it — I just needed to see her naked. I could not be with her without being sexual. It became too difficult.”

So begins an alleged recording of TransGas founder Adam Victor explaining his sexual fantasies about a former employee of his who also happens to be suing him for sexual harassment.

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Eve Khatskevich, the former employee in question, opened the suit earlier this year, and her roommate and fellow TransGas coworker Nazym Toktassynova secretly recorded the alleged conversation.

“If we basically were sleeping with each other, Eve would still be here, with the same f–king job, running the same hours,” Victor allegedly confessed to Toktassynova “It was all about sex, OK? It was all about sex. If I had that or she was able to do it, she’d be happy, she’d be here with a job, she’d be on a career.”

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This is not the first recording presented as evidence in this case, which was filed late last year.

“Another recording seems to put a lie to Victor’s claim that he rescued Khatskevich and Toktassynova from a ‘Hell’s Kitchen brothel,’ where he claimed they worked as hookers,” The New York Postreports.

Victor has reportedly filed a countersuit to bar the recordings as inauthentic and altered.

Victor claimed in a New York Magazine interview that he was worth “a hundred million.”

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