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Transit cars get an upgrade

Inside and out, Calgary Transit riders will notice big changes in the Calgary Transit rail cars in the near future.

The most significant change to the cars will be the seating, as the seats will no longer be facing forwards or backwards but instead individual seats will be mounted to face the middle of the car.

The side wall mounted seating throughout the new cars will allow for 10 per cent more riders on the new cars, as there will be more standing room.

“Given the new seating figuration it won’t feel as packed, there will be more room for people to move around and feel more comfortable,” said Ron Collins communications co-ordinator for Calgary transit.

Along with more standing room come the addition of more pulls and braces for passengers to hang onto, said LRT manager Russell Davies.

Davies said another interior change to the cars would be the addition of signs that will tell the passengers what the next stop is and what the last stop is. As well, the signs will allow the operator to display messages to passengers.

There will also be visual cameras mounted aboard the trains to assist with security issues in the future, said Davies.

The new C-Trains will also be switching to LED lighting and this will help transit as they will no longer have to recycle a huge number of fluorescent tubes, according to Davies.

And of course, for comfort, the new cars will be equipped with air conditioning.

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