Trapper being brought in for coyote seen near playground – Metro US

Trapper being brought in for coyote seen near playground

The city is bringing in a trapper to deal with a coyote seen wandering around a playground in south Ottawa over the weekend.

The coyote was spotted in the park behind the Greenboro Community Centre, just north of Hunt Club Road.

Gloucester-Southgate Coun. Diane Deans said the animal appears to be sick and has become habituated to the neighbourhood.

“It seems to have mange, it doesn’t have hair on its tail … that’s a particular concern because you don’t know how that animal will react,” said Deans. “Even though coyotes are not natural predators of humans and we don’t expect it to attack a human, it is concerning when they start coming that close.”

Deans, whose constituency office is in the Green­boro Community Centre, said the city hopes to get approval today from the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources to hire a trapper to deal with the coyote.

Linda Anderson, the city’s chief of bylaw and regulatory services, said it was unusual to see a coyote in such a built-up area. Under normal circumstances, coyotes would avoid humans, but they are often drawn to food or organic waste left out in the open.