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Travel with a twist: Royal adventures

Rather than coming to London for the royal wedding on your holidays, take inspiration from the other destinations associated with the royal couple and family. Stay in the U.K. or travel as far as the Indian Ocean like Kate and Wills.

Many royal couples have spent part of their honeymoon at the family’s Scottish home, Balmoral, and it’s expected that Kate and William will do the same. Balmoral is also open to visitors, who can tour the grounds, go salmon fishing or pony trekking on the estate, and even stay near to the castle itself, in fairly modest self-catering cottages.

‘We might have to come here for our honeymoon,’ joked Prince William on a recent solo trip to visit to the hurricane and flood-ravaged coast of Queensland, Australia. It would be a great choice — the northeast coast has beautiful beaches and great diving as it’s home to the natural phenomenon, the Great Barrier Reef.

Desroches Island
Kate and William stayed on Desroches Island, a private island the Seychelles. It is just about 4 miles long and 1 mile wide and has just 20 beach suites and 28 villas. Without mobile reception and 143 miles southwest of Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles, it’s the ultimate paparazzi-free destination. The snag? Prices start from 600 euros per person, per night.

Scilly Isles
These islands off the South Western coast of England are stunning, with sub-tropical temperatures. It’s a great place for snorkeling, birdwatching, fishing, sailing, sunbathing and getting away from modern life. They could stay at one of the houses run by The Duchy of Cornwall private estate on St Mary’s.

Kate and William take their first official overseas tour in Canada, which is still a realm of the British Commonwealth. The couple are nature lovers, so they would enjoy the incredible landscapes here. If they wanted to escape the crowds, they could kayak their way across the remote lakes, with just bears and the odd moose for company.

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