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Travelling? Prepare to be delayed

Forsaking the cold and soggy West Coast winter in favour of topical beaches, sun and surf?

Be prepared for trip cancellations and delays, a local travel expert warned.

Claire Newell said unfortunately for travellers, Canada’s peak travel season lays smack dab in the middle of winter.

She recommends buying cancellation insurance and bringing along snacks and entertainment in case your plane needs to be de-iced.

“People need to go with a little more patience and be a little more flexible,” Newell said.

She said while cancellation insurance may seem expensive; the price may be insignificant if you need to cancel or get home for medical treatment.

The past three to four weeks, she said, have seen a significant cutback in the number of flights, meaning people are being shuffled onto other flights, disrupting itineraries and even holiday plans.

Sam Omidi, 33, of Vancouver, had his Christmas Day flight to Cancun bumped ahead six hours.

His travel partner, who lives in Kamloops, had planned to spend Christmas morning with his family, but instead was flying to Vancouver on Christmas Eve.

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