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Treacherous shoot

Although an actor’s life on a soundstage is often pampered — fantastic catered food, cushy accommodations — perhaps the most effortless film for a thespian to make are actually those shot in the remote jungles of Puerto Rico.

“There’s an element when you are out dealing with nature around you that definitely as an actor I think is a lot easier than say, (if) this whole set was a jungle on a soundstage,” said A Perfect Getaway star Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil).

“The whole energy changes, you’re not projecting as much (on a soundstage) and people are like, ‘remember there’s wind and remember the rain.’”

The cast of A Perfect Getaway — which hits theatres this Friday — didn’t have to worry about faking it much. The thriller about hikers being terrorized on a remote trail in Hawaii may have been filmed in Puerto Rico but the exterior shoot was no less treacherous — the cast had to traverse steep valley spillways and deal with unpredictable storms.

“It makes you focus on what is happening,” said co-star Steve Zahn (Sahara). “It’s also unfamiliar territory for the actors and for people watching.”

“Besides the fact that hey, it’s nature,” added Jovovich. “We’re doing a scene and suddenly there’s a typhoon raining down on us and now we got to stop for hours and wait.”

Directed by David Twohy (The Chronicles of Riddick), A Perfect Getaway is the sort of campy thriller that blends stylistic flair and humour with a unique plot twist — not easy to do given that the story only revolves around three couples — each with a curious past.

“What’s kind of cool about it is that it’s less about being right about who’s doing what,” said Zahn of discovering the reveal. “It was more about why you think that person or those people (are committing the acts). It’s easy to guess something but that’s what I thought made this very unique.”

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