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Tremendous FEATS of entertainment

The FEATS Festival of Dance brought “Urban Dance Encounters” to the City Centre Mall food court yesterday to promote various styles of dance performance.

The showcase features everything from tap to hip hop and Ukrainian.

“FEATS is trying to bring dance to a whole new audience,” said event organizer and presenter Nicole Kittlitz.

She says it exposes different genres to people who wouldn’t regularly see them.

“(The show) gets awareness out about the dance community, it gives performers a place to show their talents,” dancer Joanna Roy said.

Roy, 18, has been dancing since she was three and has experience in genres such as tap, jazz, ballet, modern, and contemporary.

Many of FEATS’ groups also promote various charities.

Fundraisers such as “Tap into a Cure,” which is supporting The Africa Project and “Hip Hop for Hope,” which raises money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital are both supported this year.

FEATS Festival of Dance is going to be at the Canada Day “Picnic in the Park” in Louise Mckinney Riverfront Park.

For more information go to abdancealliance.ab.ca.

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