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Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ looks pretty familiar

Peter Yang

Trevor Noah took over hosting duties on “The Daily Show” seemingly determined to reassure people that it wouldn’t be too different from what they were used to with Jon Stewart. The show even started with its familiar introduction about Comedy Central’s world news headquarters and that twangy music we all know. And Noah’s monologueseemed designed to say “it’s going to be OK,” given itsfocus on all the concerns people had about him. Why wasn’t a woman chosen, why wasn’t an American chosen?Becausevarious women and Americans had been offered the gig and turned it down.

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Even his segments proved he wasn’t going to change the format too much. He sat behind the desk and addressed a current topic while a punnysegment title (“A prayer home companion” for the Pope segment)showed on a screen next to him, followed by talking head clips gleaned from the news. The main difference seemed to be a slight willingness to go a little further with his jokes, betweenhis climactic Pope joke being a genitalia reference and later on, a throwaway reference to crack being Whitney Houston’s drug of choice that his audience didn’t seem to like much. Will people get upset about a foreigner mocking the beloved Pope or making blunt addiction jokes?

For his first guest, Noah had actor and comedian Kevin Hart stop by. Whether it was nerves or Hart being a dominant talker, Noah looked pretty nervous and uncomfortable, and didn’t talk too much. A moment when Hart gave Noah a gift of a box of ties played as Noah disliking the gift, and it was unclear if it was planned that way or not.Of course, it’s only one show, so he may still work his way up to being able to take on the various Bill O’Reillys of the world.

For now, though, he’s made it through his first show. What did you think?

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