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Triple nipple clubbers: These celebs have a little extra under their shirts

Harry Styles, Mark Wahlberg, Tilda Swinton… all celebrities. All members of the triple nipple club. Celebrity bodies are often seemingly-impossibly perfect, so isn’t it nice to know celebs are human too with all the body funk that comes with it? And like some humans, these celebrities have a third nipple (or more). 

Nipples, nipples everywhere.

Kylie Jenner and ex Tyga suffered a Photoshop fail when a third nipple appeared on Kylie’s knee earlier this year…


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…but as long as the reportedly pregnant reality star has one nipple somewhere on her body, she should be fine if she considers natures first fast food, breastfeeding.

How common is a third nipple?

One in every 500 people have more than two nipples, according to research, and some have as many as eight nips.

Therese Ventre of Marseilles, France, had an extra teat on the outside of her left thigh, according to a 1827 report, which reportedly lactated. Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, is said to have had an extra breast or nipple and possibly an extra finger. Bonus!


Celebs… they’re just like us (if we have supernumerary nipples)!

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to having body parts modified for the silver screen (see Boogie Nights). His infant nipple was “removed” for the movie Rock Star.

“There was a big debate over whether or not to remove it,” an anonymous crew member told WENN in 2001. “They decided it was just too weird, so it was digitally removed. How many rock stars do you know with three nipples?”

How about Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones? He rocked a third nipple. So does Jackson Browne.


Wahlberg told Rolling Stone in 2005 that he won’t have his extra nipple removed because it’s his “prized possession,” but not everyone is as happy about their extra breast niblet as Wahlberg. Singer Carrie Underwood said her extra nipple looked like a mole, but she was very self-conscious, so she had it removed.

“It really just looked like a mole. If I were in a two-piece bathing suit, people would ask me what it was, and I said it was a birthmark because it was, but I kind of got a little self-conscious of it,” Underwood said.

When asked about her third nipple, British singer Lily Allen pulled up her shirt and allowed the reporter to touch it (because Lilly Allen).

“It gets hard when you touch it,” she said.

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