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Trips will continue

Despite three Notre Dame High School student’s involvement in a knife fight in Italy, the guide accompanying them said he plans to continue the tours.
The students were injured and possibly face charges after the knifing incident three weeks ago, which left three students in hospital with knife wounds, including an 18-year-old Italian.
Rainbow Educational Tours president Don Gibson, who organized the 15-day trip for the 39 teens, said he has no plans to cease his excursions abroad.
“It’s an incident that’s been blown way out of proportion,” Gibson said, adding such trips provide an invaluable learning experience for students in terms of exposure to other world cultures.
“I’ve been doing this for years — it has never happened before and chances are that it’ll never happen again.”
The trip wasn’t sanctioned by Calgary’s Catholic school board, and while several of their teachers were serving as chaperones on their own accord, spokesperson Tania Younker said the board isn’t about to prevent students from going on such trips.
“When it’s on their own time, it’s something their parents would have to weigh in on as to whether they go or not,” she said.

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