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‘True Detective’ recap: Mysteries are solved, and we say goodbye to a few people

Lacey Terrell, HBO

Team True Detective is hanging out at a shady motel to figure out what to do with their evidence, drugged hooker, and Bezzerides’ impromptu molly trip. She’s freaking out, and Velcoro responds by offering her a joint. She admits that she’s been looking for someone to take down, and says something about the woods, which catches Velcoro’s attention. Instead of telling him about her molestation story, she tries to seduce him, which he rejects. He tells her she’s out of his league (true), and she says it’s the drugs. Will this beautiful romance be revisited?

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Woodrugh and Velcoro go over the stolen documents, which has a lot of information about holding companies and familiar names. The tete a tete is interrupted when Woodrugh receives blackmail photos of him hooking up with his army buddy. He bails to “check in at home.

Semyon is busy playing cards by himself. He has to confess to his wife that he’s allowing some new guys to operate out of the club. His wife, once again, wants to get out of this crazy business, and he, once again, says no. Good choice.

Woodrugh is busy helping his girlfriend hide out without telling her anything about what’s going on.

Bezzerides tells her sister she needs to hide out, since she knifed some guys while under her sister’s name. Her sister is not pleased by this development, and we learn that she once attended one of the parties.

Shockingly, Woodrugh has collected his mother to help her hide out with his girlfriend. His mother has been such a sweetheart about the whole girlfriend situation in the past, so this seems like a good pairing of people to hang out together.

Velcoro very kindly explains what happened to Semyon for the viewers: his right hand man, Blake, conspired with his business partner, Osip, to work with Tony Chessani, the mayor’s son, to screw Semyon out of Caspere’s shares, then probably killed Caspere. Mystery solved! Semyon promises Velcoro he’ll have the name of the guy who offered up Velcoro’s wife’s rapist.

The formerly drugged, formerly missing Vera knows both Tasha and Ben Caspere. Caspere was the one who moved her from cleaning up at the Panticapaeum Institute to going to those parties. Tasha was going to blackmail the people involved, but got caught, and Vera thinks Tony Chessani killed Tasha. She claims not to have wanted to be rescued, and is pissed Bezzerides called her sister to come get her. Bezzerides offers up the beautiful line “maybe you were put on earth for more than fucking,” to which the girl responds, “everything is fucking.” It’s like Shakespeare, guys.

Woodrugh uses some helpful computer research to tie good old dead Dixon to the cop who explained the diamond theft to him, as well as William Holloway and Kevin Burris and Ben Caspere. Everyone is friends from 1992! That’s a long time to stay friends. He prints out his research. Show your work, guys. He also learns there’s a warrant out for Bezzerides’ arrest for killing that guy at the party.

Semyon confronts Blake, who tries to weasel out of the situation, unsuccessfully. Semyon breaks a glass open on Blake’s face.

Velcoro meets up with Davis to present all his evidence, only to discover that she’s been killed. So…there’s no way for them to clear their names now, right?

Semyon grinds all that glass into Blake’s face to get information out of him. Blake confesses that Osip and Caspere were conspiring, but claims not to know who killed Caspere. Oh, and Blake is also the guy who gave up a fake name to suck in Velcoro. Proving once again how he’s stayed alive this long, he tells Semyon how to steal millions of dollars from Osip. He also confesses that all the clubs have been taken over by Osip, and that no one is loyal to Semyon anymore, so that’s around the point that Semyon has heard enough and shoots him. Then the loyal “True Detective” viewers are treated to the sounds of Blake slowly bleeding out on the carpet.

Bezzerides goes to talk to her dad about Chessani’s time at the commune, and tells him she’s remembered the face of her abductor. He asks if she’s going to turn herself in, and she says no. Her partner shows up to help her go on the run, and they apologize to each other. He hugs her goodbye, and she pretends that the concept of hugs is a foreign one to her. He’s going to help her father and sister disappear for a while.

Semyon lets his wife see the crime scene and tells her they’re going to come for him next. He sends her off with his one remaining loyal henchman, Nails. Is he sure she and Nails aren’t involved? He then finds a way to exchange his money for diamonds, gets some fake passports, and buys plane tickets and clean cars to get out of town.

We learn that Velcoro is being framed for Davis’ death, so now two thirds of our detective squad are wanted for murder, and Woodrugh is being blackmailed. He gets a reminder of this during their team meeting.

Semyon tips Mayor Chessani off to his son’s nefarious activities, and prepares for a meeting with Osip at the club. Osip tells him they’ve bought out the clubs, but of course Semyon already knows that. He meekly accepts club management as a comedown, and Osip foolishly believes he’s OK with it.

Woodrugh lets Velcoro know he’s walking into something, and meets his blackmailer, who turns out to be his army buddy. It seems his old Afghanistan security group is now working security for the infamous Catalyst.

Bezzerides and Velcoro figure out that Caspere’s old assistant Erica is actually Laura, from the original jewelry store murder/theft, and that she’s probably been up to something behind the scenes. They’re still hoping Woodrugh can save them, because they don’t know that he’s being blackmailed by Catalyst affiliates.

Woodrugh convinces the Catalyst people that he’ll betray Bezzerides and Velcoro to get the papers, and Semyon burns down the casino and kills one of Osip’s men.

And then we get to check in on Woodrugh’s mother and girlfriend, who are watching “Splendor in the Grass” together. This has been “Late Night Channel Surfing with ‘True Detective.'”

Woodrugh does some magic army moves and gets away, because a dark basement is not the best place to shake a guy down.

Velcoro and Bezzerides are hanging out and drinking together and making a point of not discussing their past traumas. Neither of them seems optimistic about escape. Bezzerides tells him he’s not a bad man, because she’s not a great judge of character. He asks her if she misses “it” by which he means “anything.” OK. This is a great seduction scene, guys.

Woodrugh is still trying to escape the tunnel of doom. He kills a few of the guys, then makes a run for it through what looks like a subway tunnel. In the ensuing fight, some friendly fire takes down his lover. Since that seems to be everyone, he exits on a ladder to the surface while holding a gun. Maybe holster the gun while climbing?

Semyon takes some more money and burns some more places down. Osip may be onto him at this point.

Velcoro and Bezzerides continue their very awkward hookup, and Woodrugh gets shot on his way out of the underground area by Burris. Goodbye, sad Woodrugh. This moment wakes up his girlfriend, because she is psychically connected to him through the baby, see. Burris runs off with Woodrugh’s phone.

We’re down a true detective, guys! Who’s actually going to survive the season, do you think?

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