‘TRUE’ LOVE - Metro US


1. “Vampires usually come from [an era when] manners and charm and treating women right was very much para-mount,” Moyer reasoned when we caught up with him last season and asked about the allure of modern vampire stories. “But they were still men. They weren’t some kind of metrosexual pus—s who were being pushed around, and I think that women like that about what the vampire represents. They’re treated with respect by men who are strong and powerful.”

2. “I think it’s the struggle that makes Bill interesting,” Moyer says. “He tries so hard to lead a decent life and not to prey on innocents and to live in a moral universe, but he’s still a vampire. And when somebody f—s him off, he reacts like a vampire. He doesn’t react like a human and I like that.”

3. Hands down (at least so far), sex in a grave.

“We have some weird, crazy mud sex, and there’s some very odd, weird biting and some odd blood sucking and blood swapping, but ultimately it’s a love story,” Moyer insists.

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