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True or false: ‘Bachelor’ rumors edition

Ben Higgins

We’re only one week away from a proposal! This has been one dramatic season. Two “I love yous” from Ben? That’s bananas and a true first in “Bachelor” history. Yet, many questions remain as we look back at his quest for love.

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Some of these questions, we hope will be answered during tonight’s Women Tell All episode. Will Olivia apologize to Amanda for her “Teen Mom” comment? Will Jubilee get to confront the women for their awful behavior toward her? Will Leah admit to her lies about Lauren B?For now, we’re playing detective and getting to the bottom of this season’s biggest rumors.

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Rumor: Did Leah really get punched by one of the other women?

All signs point to no. This was likely very clever editing and great makeup work. As seen in the season’s trailer, Leah — with a black eye — told the camera, “She hit me in the face!” And yet, that never aired this whole season. Leah was spotted in other scenes wearing that same dress, and no black eye in sight. It’s safe to assume this is simply a clip that’s thrown into the promo to make us, the gullible audience, think something dramatic will actually happen. The producers and Leah will likely never speak of black-eye-gate ever again.

Rumor: Did Ben favor Lauren B. throughout the season?

Probably. Other women did have feelings of jealous toward her, but that’s not uncommon on this show. According to Reality Steve and fellow “Bachelor/ette” leads, many of them knew about halfway through filming whom they were going to pick in the finale. Reality Steve also wrote, “From everything I’ve heard, this season has essentially been over since about halfway through. By all accounts, Ben has been pretty clear about wanting Lauren in the end, so much so that it’s apparently become obvious to the rest of the group.”

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Rumor: Will Lace appear on any other “Bachelor” shows?

This is confirmed! Lace, along with a couple other contestants from Season 20, will stop by on “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer. You may also see Lauren Himle, twins Haley and Emily Ferguson, Olivia Caridi and Becca Tilley swinging by Paradise.

Rumor: Did Olivia really have bad breath?
False? We cannot confirm, but just put yourself in her shoes—does your breath smell like roses when you first wake up? Probably not. Does that mean her breath was that bad the whole season? Doubtful. The women on this show regularly make up absurd insults about each other for the camera. This was likely one woman feeling jealous of Olivia’s time with Ben that she wanted to bring her down a notch by saying her breath wasn’t good. These are 20-something year old women acting like 13-year-olds.

Rumor: Did Ben sleep with all three women in the fantasy suites?

Most likely. But this intel never usually comes out until years after, if at all. So don’t expect this to be making headlines unless Caila or JoJo choose to spill it all in a book or interview. That said, it did seem as if Caila was insinuating to Ben “why did you sleep with me when you knew you didn’t love me?” as she questioned him during their breakup. Sometimes those fantasy suites are actually nightmares!

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