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Trump boarded Air Force One with what looked like toilet paper stuck to his shoe

Donald Trump

In 1975, President Gerald Ford was photographed tripping on the stairs to Air Force One. Some observers considered it a metaphor for the stumbles of his presidency; a few even attributed his re-election loss to the unfortunate photo op.

Another stairs-based drama for the ages unfurled on Thursday night, when President Trump ascended to Air Force One with what looked like toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

After a Make America Great Again rally in Minneapolis, Trump was driven to an airstrip, where cameras caught him exiting his limo with a long, thin piece of paper trailing behind his left heel.

The president got all the way up the stairs accompanied by the paper. As if on cue, it detached as Trump entered the plane, as if posing for a final shot.

Soon after, the TP had its own Twitter account.

And with that, the world was laughing at Trump on Friday, this time not at the United Nations. Media organizations throughout the world covered the moment. “It happens to the best of us,” the Guardian offered. “SO MANY QUESTIONS,” tweeted Complex.

Meanwhile, Twitter processed the moment.

“Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe and my favorite part is that no one told him,” wrote @misslaneym.

“I honestly cannot believe it’s taken this long for Trump to board Air Force One with a full strand of toilet paper trailing from his shoe,” said @briantylercohen.

“Donald Trump boarding Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe is the most Donald Trump thing ever,” wrote @middleagedriot.

“Looking forward to White House insistence that it was not toilet paper, it was a very important memo, that the President was reading through his foot,” tweeted Baddiel.

As of Friday afternoon, the White House hadn’t made a statement about the incident, such as where the paper could have attached itself and why no one told the president about the impending unfortunate optics.

But the turnip that has announced it’s running against Trump in 2020 had plenty to say on Twitter, where it has 108,000 followers.

“The toilet paper that was stuck to Trump’s shoe is a hero,” it said.

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