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Trump communications director pick Scaramucci has called Trump a ‘hack,’ ‘anti-American’

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Anthony Scaramucci hasn't always been a Trump fan. Photo: YouTube

Anthony Scaramucci, President Donald Trump’s pick to be his new communications director once called Trump a “hack politician” and called his rhetoric “anti-American.”

In an appearance on Fox Business Network in August 2015, Scaramucci, a financier and who founded a hedge fund worth more than $11.8 billion, lashed out at the Trump about comments he made saying “hedge fund guys” don’t pay enough in taxes.

“You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County, bring it Donald. Bring it,” Scaramucci said on the air.

“He’s a hack politician,” he continued, speaking about Trump. “It’s anti-American it’s very, very divisive.”

During that stage of the campaign, Scaramucci supported Republican candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker but later threw his support behind Trump when it became clear he would win the nomination.

Scaramucci aided in fundraising for Trump and served on his presidential transition team.

In January he sold his multi-billion-dollar company, SkyBridge Capital, to work in the Trump administration, but the job never materialized.

Lately, Scaramucci has been a big Trump defender, appearing often as Trump’s surrogate on cable news shows, but the ex-financier wasn’t always such a fan.

On that same Fox Business show, Scaramucci didn’t seem to think Trump had a chance at the Oval Office, predicting (wrongly) that Trump’s candidacy would “implode.”

“I’ll tell you who he’s going to be president of — you can tell Donald I said this — the Queens County Bullies Association,” Scaramucci said.

He said he had a problem with the way Trump spoke about women and then-Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly.

“You’ve got to cut it out now and stop all this crazy rhetoric spinning everybody around,” he said at the time.

Scaramucci didn’t hold back.

“The politicians don’t want to go at Trump because he’s got a big mouth and he’s afraid he’s going to light them up on Fox News and all these other places, but I’m not a politician,” he said.

When Walker’s chances at winning the presidency started to dwindle, Scarmucci joined the Jeb Bush camp before that too imploded. By early 2016 Scaramucci had thrown his support behind Trump, judging by his Twitter feed.

He even recently deleted an old tweet calling Trump’s campaign a “spectacle.”

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