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Trump impeachment Russia latest: Impeach odds ready to climb

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Expect the Donald Trump impeachment rumblings to go from whispers to shouts as we enter the New Year.

House Democrats chose Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) to fill the vacant spot on the House Judiciary Committee recently, first and foremost because of his constitutional law knowledge and his history of battling Trump. Nadler has been going head-to-head with Trump since the 1980s when they fought over real estate development in the Upper West Side of New York City.

“There is nobody better prepared, if the president messes around with the Constitution, to handle it than Jerry Nadler,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said after the vote (via Washington Post).

The Mueller investigation, combined with allegations of sexual harassment, could very well lead to Trump’s downfall in 2018. From Slate last week:

“Despite having elected Trump over Clinton, voters definitely want him booted from office if he chargers are true. Last month, Quinnipiac asked: ‘If it is proven true that President Trump sexually harassed this or any other woman, do you think he should be impeached and removed from office or not?’

Sixty-one percent of voters, including 56 percent of men and 52 percent of whites, said yes. That’s an increase from the 54 percent who said earlier in the poll that Trump was unfit for office, suggesting that harassment adds to the constituency for impeachment.”

The real money politics prediction site PredictIt currently has the price at 37 cents under “Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term?”

The highest it has been at any point during his presidency has been 39 cents.

In November, Ladbrokes had the odds that Trump is impeached in 2018 at 5/2. Today, they have those odds at 9/4.

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