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Trump mental health is proof US beef is safe for consumption: Wilbur Ross

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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the U.S. beef supply is safe from mad cow disease, because President Trump eats it.

The Chinese have been reluctant to accept imported American beef because they fear it’s contaminated with the brain-destroying illness. Ross said there’s nothing to be worried about, offering Trump’s mental health as evidence.

“I pointed out to them that both the president and I eat quite a lot of American beef,” Ross said at the National Press Club Monday. “And other than the fact that we’re in public office, there are no signs of mental instability as a result.”

Trump’s fondness for U.S. beef is as well noted as his mental state. A typical dinner for him on the campaign trail was two Big Macs from McDonald’s. Since entering the White House, he has ordered the White House chefs attempt to replicate Quarter Pounders, to his dissatisfaction. A typical sit-down meal for him is burnt steak with ketchup, which he orders even at official dinners overseas.

Ross had just returned from China, where he was meeting with officials in an attempt to ease economic tensions and prevent a trade war. He said China should lift its restrictions on U.S. exports. “We are opposed to their discriminatory tariffs in all sectors, in agriculture, and in non-agriculture,” Ross said. “We’re also opposed to their non-tariff barriers. They have lots of non-science based restrictions that essentially are tailored to keep US goods out of China.”

China banned U.S beef in 2003 because of fears of mad cow disease. Restrictions were eased in 2017, but only a limited amount is accepted.

Trump and Ross appeared to have a tense relationship earlier this year, when it was widely reported that Ross kept falling asleep in meetings. But Ross now seems to be one of the least problematic Cabinet secretaries at the moment.

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