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Trump Place dumping president-elect’s name after residents’ petition

As Never Trump supporters try to dump the president-elect from The White House, a “Dump Trump” petition has been circulating and now his name will be removed from three Manhattan buildings, according to reports.

Three buildings in Manhattan’s Upper West Side have not been owned by Trump in a decade, but his name is still emblazoned in gold on the façades of 140, 160 and 180 Riverside Blvd.

“The purpose of this change is to assume a neutral building identity that appeals to all current and future residents,” Equity Residential, which owns the buildings, wrote in an email to residents, according to PIX11. “Using the street address for the building name is popular practice in NYC, and our well-known Riverside address makes it easy for visitors to locate the building.”

A “Dump the Trump name” petition was sent out to building residents in October, stating that the name is insulting to immigrants and minorities that work in the building.

“Just as celebrities have their endorsements rescinded for bad behavior, Equity Residential should rescind its leasing arrangement with Donald Trump,” the petition reads. “His behavior has surely tarnished the Equity Residential name.”

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Residents Linda Gottlieb, Robert Tessler and Brian Dumont started the petition, Pix11 reported, which has 609signatures to date. The petition states they are “embarrassed to be living in buildings with the name “Trump Place” blazoned in front.

“The utter hypocrisy just got to me,” Gottlieb said, BuzzFeed reported.

The people were heard.

“WE WON! The Trump name is being dumped this week from all three buildings!” an update on the petition page reads. “Congratulations to us all for making our voices heard. And warmest thanks to Equity Residential for listening. A victory for citizen power!”

David Hartie, one of the 400 residents that signed the petition in the first week, told BuzzFeed that he and his wife debated for more than a year on whether or not they should live in a building with Trump’s name lettered in gold.

“Maybe, just maybe, there was a time where the name symbolized something good to some, but I think that those days are waning,” he told BuzzFeed.

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Some residents said the name Trump devalues their homes and they should pay reduced rent.

Axiometrics, a provider of housing and apartment market data, revealed that rent at Trump Place has trended down for the past four quarters and “underperformed the New York metro area as a whole, but also outperformed the Upper West Side submarket.”

“The building is beautiful, the service is impeccable,” Marjorie Jacobs, another building resident, told Bloomberg in October. “But the name is very embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to tell people where I live. I tell them 180 Riverside Blvd.”

A staff member at Jacobs’ building told her that maintenance and concierge workers are being fitted for uniforms without the Trump name.

An Equity Residential spokeswoman told Pix11 that the licensing agreement on the name has expired. Equity Residential spokesman Marty McKenna told Bloomberg on Tuesday that the contractual obligation to use the name has expired, but the landlord never paid Trump to use the name.

“We’re very pleased, people felt really good that they could do something,” Gottlieb told Bloomberg. “It was an empowering way to protest. It wasn’t a random protest; it was a very specific protest.”

Politico reported that 87 percent of voters in Manhattan voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.