Trump says hurricane ‘one of the wettest we’ve seen, from the standpoint of water’ – Metro US

Trump says hurricane ‘one of the wettest we’ve seen, from the standpoint of water’

Trump runs his insulting nicknames by aides, including ‘horseface’ for Stormy

President Trump went viral Wednesday with his up-to-the-minute assessment of Hurricane Florence.

“This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water,” he said. “Rarely have we had an experience like it, and it certainly is not good.”

The remarks, which Trump made in a pre-recorded video — not during a distracted rush to Air Force One or while chucking paper towels into a crowd of hurricane victims — were intended to show appreciation for the region’s first responders.

But that was lost in the curtain wall of jokes that rained down afterward. Twitter users did not exactly place the president’s attempt at resolve into the Rooseveltian sphere.

One the president’s rhetorical trademarks is to use extraneous words where actual content would suffice, such as saying something will happen “in a very short period of time,” instead of “shortly” or “soon,” or an actual count of days or weeks. 

Meteorologists feared that Florence could be historic in its devastation. So far, estimates put the damage to the Carolinas at about $22 billion. That total could rise, as flooding continues.

Earlier this month, President Trump disputed the official death toll from last year’s Hurricane Maria, which wrecked much of Puerto Rico, killing more than 3,000. The Puerto Rican government said it will cost $139 billion to recover from the storm.

It’s unclear if the president has been briefed on that. He spent Wednesday afternoon touring New Bern, North Carolina, a region hit by Florence, where he was overheard telling a survivor of the hurricane, “Have a good time.” According to the White House pool report, he comforted another by saying, “At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”

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