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Trump Sr. tried to save Don Jr. and Vanessa’s marriage — more than once

Well, at least Donald Trump tried to save somebody’s marriage.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, President Trump attempted to convince his daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump not to divorce his son Donald Jr. “The President tried to intervene with Vanessa,” a source connected to the family said. “He’s personally upset … Donald Trump failed as (a) marriage counselor.”

Apparently, Trump asked the kids to “stick it out a while longer” sometime between their last public outing, Trump’s New Year’s Eve party, and the divorce news last week.

Donald Jr. and Vanessa announced the split with a mutual statement that suggested the would be relatively no-drama. But details started leaking out this week about Donald Jr. DMing about bacon and tampons with a model. That was followed by reports of his alleged affair with former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Aubrey O’Day.

Page Six reports that when Donald Sr. learned about the tryst, he told Don Jr. to “knock it off.” But he didn’t until Vanessa found incriminating emails between the two.

Last week it emerged that Vanessa had hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent her, which legal professionals say is unusual. The Daily News reports the family is nervous that Vanessa might be compelled to testify in the Mueller investigation. “The Mueller thing didn’t help,” the paper’s insider said. “They don’t need people (gossiping) about what she knows or doesn’t know about Russia.” The timing of the divorce could also affect the financial settlement. “Would you want a spurned wife who feels like she’s been cheated talking about you to investigators?” the insider said.

Donald Jr. and Vanessa were married for 12 years and have five children. The family was briefly in the headlines last November, when Vanessa opened an envelope containing a mysterious white powder and had to be hospitalized for nausea. The substance was determined to be harmless.

This isn’t the only recent divorce in the president’s inner circle. The wife of Trump’s White House social-media director, Dan Scavino, filed for divorce on Sunday.

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