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Trump supporter spread ‘Muslim terror attack’ Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theory

Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theory ISIS

The list of conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting just keeps getting longer.

Though none of these conspiracy theories hold water — like the idea that the Las Vegas shooting was an Illuminati “blood sacrifice” ritual “revealed” and spread by Sheila Zilinsky of the website Weekend Vigilante — they continue to pop up in new iterations.

This one is worth mentioning, however, because it’s been spread on social media by a supporter of President Trump.

Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative talk show host and occasional contributor to Breitbart News, was assigning blame for the Las Vegas shooting before the name of the shooter was even announced. He took to Twitter to tell his 111,000 followers that the massacre at the Route 91 Festival was a “clearly coordinated Muslim terror attack.”


Though the Las Vegas police were quick to tell the public that they found Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter who also took his own life, and that they did not believe there were any additional shooters, the conspiracy theory spread.

Root is also a Trump supporter, having opened for all of Trump’s Las Vegas rallies, according to New York Times reporter Sopan Deb.

Shortly after his first tweet about the devastating shooting, Root took to Twitter again to reiterate his claim, adding “Just what I’ve warned of. Biggest threat to this country is Islamic terror, not police abuse.”

As of this morning, Root is still tweeting his support of the idea that the Las Vegas shooting was a “Muslim terror attack,” citing that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the massacre that left 58 dead and hundred wounded. The FBI has researched Paddock thoroughly and concluded that he had no ties to the terrorist organization.

Then again, Root thinks he can explain this away. The FBI and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, he has concluded, are working together to cover it up. As with most components of conspiracy theories, that’s convenient.

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