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Trump supporters compare candidate to Honest Abe

Trump supporters compare candidate to Honest Abe
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Editor’s Note: Metro World News reporter David CorderoMercadois in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. Here’s his first person account of the scene as the delegates prepare to formally nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.

CLEVELAND –With the voting rules and the party platform approved on Monday evening, the first two sessions of the National Convention of the Republican Party in Cleveland have ended. A surprise appearance by Donald Trump caused euphoria among those present, who did not stop hailing their presidential candidate.

Michael Lacash was inthe audience, wearing a huge elephant trunk-shaped hat along with a Trump hair wig.

Lacash said this is the sixth convention – the first was in San Diego in 1996 –at which he’s worn the hat​​paying homage tothe party’s symbol, and added the wig as a nod to Trump, the presumptive GOP candidate.

“I believe in the values ​​of the Republican Party and I know that our candidate will do an excellent job. Hillary Clinton will not do a good job. It’s about time someone in America represents us all, not just some,” Lacash said.

A delegate from the state of Missouri, George Engelbach, 74,decided to attend the convention wearing a classic Abraham Lincoln outfit, the 16th president of the United States and the first who ranas a Republican.

“I admire (Lincoln), he was an honest president. Once you lie, a lie leads to another and you will not remember that you lied and you will continue lying. So Lincoln is my role model,” said Engelbach, adding that he thinksTrumphas a lot in common withLincoln.

“I think Trump will win and if he does not our country will be lost,” hesaid. “He will stop crime, will find members of the Islamic State, he will do what has to be done.”

This is the first convention forGohnna Beuerlein, 54,who saidthe country needs change and Donald Trump can provide that. Beuerleinsaid the federal government’s response to the deaths of law enforcement officers in Texas and Louisiana disappointed her, and claimed thatmembers of the Black Lives Matter movement were being paid to create chaos.

“People do not feel safe,” she said. “Trump is honest. From day one he said that something in this country was wrong and I support him because he says things as they are.

“It maynot sound nice and not politically correct, but he says it so that we can understand what is wrong. I think he loves good people just like I do and I think that’s what we need.”

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