Trump to arrive in NYC Monday after protests at Trump Tower – Metro US

Trump to arrive in NYC Monday after protests at Trump Tower

(Photo via Wikipedia)
(Photo via Wikipedia)

President Trump is expected to arrive in New York Monday, just one day after protesters gathered in front of Trump Tower, with some denouncing him while others shouted back, echoing the tensions felt in Charlottesville.

The president’s visit was originally scheduled for Sunday but was delayed, and it’s possible he may not arrive Monday either, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement, stressing that the plans are liable to change. Trump plans to remain in the city through Wednesday evening and will likely stay in Trump Tower, according to the mayor. However, if he leaves the building, the NYPD will be on watch to maintain security.

De Blasio also stressed on Sunday that New Yorkers should steer clear of the tower if possible, stating, “I do want to remind all New Yorkers, as long as President Trump is in town at Trump Tower, if you have any ability to avoid that part of Midtown, please do.”

As the city awaits Trump’s arrival, the mayor has continued to demand that he explicitly condemn violence on the part of white supremacists during a rally Saturday during which one person was killed and more than a dozen were injured.

“The president of the United States needs to do more” de Blasio said. “President Trump needs to speak out. He needs to say this was an act of domestic terror. He needs to condemn the white supremacist movement clearly. It’s not hard to do. He needs to recognize what a danger this right wing, white supremacist is to our country.”

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