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Trump’s childhood home sinks in value

Expectations for the sale of Donald Trump’s childhood home had to be reigned in as the Queens house failed to sell in the four months it’s been on the market.

The listing price for the five-bedroom, five-bathroom 2,500-square-foot Tudor style home in Jamaica Estates dropped $149,000, from just under $1.4 million to $1.25 million. The current price tag is actually lower than average for the neighborhood, where five-bedroom homes sometimes go for $2 million.

“We’ve just lowered it towards the reserve price, the price closer to their [the seller’s] actual expectations,” Misha Haghani from Paramount Realty toldThe Independent.

He said an auction for the house was rescheduled to allow buyers more time.

According to real estate records, the current buyer purchased the home in the upscale, tree-lined Queens enclave for $780,000 about a decade ago.

The Republican presidential nominee lived in the home at 8515 Wareham Place until he was four years old, when his father Fred Trump moved little Donald and his four siblings around the corner to a much bigger, more stately house withpillars at the entrance.

There has been at least one buyer interested in the home: Trump. During a recent appearance on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon showed his guest the listing.

“That is where I was born,” the Republican said when comedian Jimmy Fallon showed him an image. “I had a really good childhood; oh that’s sad to look at that, I want to buy it.”

The real estate mogul has always been protective of his territory, a neighbor recently told the New York Times.

Laura Manuelidis, who lived behind the Trump house, recalled to the Times that when a ball bounced into their yard that the future presidential contender refused to return the ball back. Instead he yelled, “I’m going to tell my dad. I’m going to call the police.”

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