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Trump’s four-day August NYC visit cost the NYPD more than $4M

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President Trump. (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump’s August visit to New York City caused quite a stir, drawing out protestors in droves — and piling huge security costs on the New York Police Department.

That four-day trip, his first back home since taking office and which occurred in the wake of the Charlottesville rally, cost the NYPD nearly $4.6 million, according to documents obtained by CBS.

Trump was greeted on that trip with thousands of protesters angered by the president’s failure at that time to specifically denounce white supremacist groups after violence erupted in Charlottesville.

It was also during this visit, when speaking to reporters about the rally, that Trump made his comment about how there was “blame on both sides” for the event.

Those heightened tensions reportedly led to a need for increased security, racking up the steep bill for NYPD in order for the department to deploy between 128 and 1,917 detectives, captains, lieutenants, officers, sergeants and traffic enforcement officers for every day Trump was in town.

In total, that added up to between $76,436 and $1.8 million per day, according to NYPD records obtained by CBS.

While Trump arrived in the city on Aug. 14, officials began prepping for his visit before that.

After Trump was elected but before he was inaugurated, city officials asked the federal government for money to cover the costs of protecting the candidate in his Manhattan home.

Congress did provide some additional funding — $20 million for costs incurred between Election Day and Inauguration Day and $41 million for costs after Inauguration Day.

But it’s “unclear,” CBS reports, whether the costs for the August trip, or others back to New York City, have been reimbursed.

New York City spent $24 million protesting Trump Tower and the First Family between Election Day and Trump’s inauguration, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Last May, city officials said that they anticipated security costs to “increase significantly” whenever the President is in New York City.

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