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Trump’s voter fraud expert is registered in 3 states: AP

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A man President Donald Trump promoted to identify voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election is a registered voter in three states, the The Associated Press found Monday.

Gregg Phillips created a voter fraud reporting app, VoteStand, and claimed to find 3 million instances of illegal voting in November, fueling the Trump camp’s fire that there was widespread voter fraud that cost the president the popular vote.

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But Phillips, a Republican party operative, is himself registered to vote in multiple states:Alabama, Texas and Mississippi,according to voting records and election officials, the AP reported. Phillips only voted in Alabama last year.

At the time of the November election, Phillips was listed as an “inactive” voter in Mississippi and his voter registration was suspended in Texas. However, both states told the AP that Phillips could have voted if he supplied identification and updated his address at the polls.

Trump tweeted last week that he looked forward to the results of VoteStand’sanalysis of illegal voting, though Phillips has yet to substantiate any of the claims made.

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It’s not illegal to be registered to vote in multiple states, only to cast ballots in the same election from more than one state. However, the president cited “those registered to vote in two states” as part of the voter fraud problem last week, in conjunction with an announcement to crack down on alleged voter fraud.

In the last month, five members of the president’s family and cabinet were found to be registered in more than one state:Stephen Bannon,Sean Spicer,Steven Mnuchin,Tiffany TrumpandJared Kushner.

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