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Trusty sidekicks not so loyal

Alliances are fleeting when it comes to the fate of the Kokanee Ranger, as his trusty sidekicks the Ranger girls have said they will switch sides during their visit to Edmonton.

With the tide swelling overwhelmingly toward keeping the Ranger alive in Kokanee’s Live or Die campaign, the ladies are switching sides to join the Sasquatch after what they claim is shoddy work by the Ranger.

“He just sits there and naps while we’re [doing work],” said Chasty Ballesteros, one of the Kokanee ambassadors and translator for the Sasquatch. “We need people to … vote him off. We’re also hiring a campaign manager for the Sasquatch, and it pays $10,000.”

Currently the voting on the fate of the Ranger sits at 145,000 votes for and 65,000 votes against.

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