Tupac’s grand plan for a restaurant Powamekka Cafe is now open in the Lower East Side.

The pop-up has taken over Sweet Chick’s 178 Ludlow St. location from April 7-9, and brings to life the Powamekka Cafe concept sketched out by the rapper on three sheets of legal paper before his death over 20 years ago.

The restaurant, whose name translates to Eat in Heaven, was described by the rapper as “a passionate paradise 4 people with power 2 play and parlay.” To bring it to life, Tupac’s estate collaborated with Sweet Chick and Universal Music Group's Bravado. Hip-hop fashion house VLONE also created a line of Tupac-branded apparel available for purchase in the pop-up.

Tupac’s original concept for Powamekka Cafe was a bit broad. The menu was a toss-up between “Italian food prepared by a renown chef” or “the finest down home Southern & Creole food from generationz of recipes and traditionz.” They would also make “the best sandwiches on the planet.” Hey, Tupac’s never been accused of thinking small.


In the end, Powamekka Cafe is serving a selection of Southern favorites like potato salad, gumbo, meatloaf, fried chicken and banana pudding. But the food isn’t the only attraction — organizers have also curated a collection of Tupac memorabilia like childhood photos, poetry and more.

Reservations were gone as soon as the project was announced earlier this week, but if you’re willing to wait for potentially three days, you can try to get in. Or just check out our gallery.

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