TV Watch List, Nov. 1 - Metro US

TV Watch List, Nov. 1


COMEDY. “The Glee Project” winner Damian McGinty makes his big show debut as an exchange student who joins the glee club. Maybe he’ll even sing about it!

8 p.m., Fox

‘The Biggest Loser’

REALITY. Making the drastic lifestyle change this reality competition demands of its contestants is tough. Switching teams — and trainers — mid-contest is even tougher, as they learn tonight.

8 p.m., NBC


DRAMA. Gibbs’ ex-wife Diane (also Fornell’s ex-wife, if anyone is keeping tabs) calls in a favor, asking for their help when hubby no. 3 goes missing. Melinda McGraw guest stars as the woman who can still make both men squirm.

8 p.m., CBS

‘New Girl’

COMEDY. Jess discovers a little too much about new roommate Nick. And by that, we mean she walks in on him naked.

9:01 p.m., Fox

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