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TV Watch List: Sunday, December 15


Metro’s Sunday night TV breakdown.

DRAMA. Steven Van Zandt plays another mobster in this Netlflix original series, which he also produces and writes. This time around, the E Street Band guitarist isn’t playing second fiddle to a Tony Soprano-type — he’s a boss in his own right, albeit a boss hiding out in Norway to escape some pesky mafia troubles. The second season premiered on Friday, in full, on Netflix. Check out our interview with Van Zandt in preview!

‘Masters of Sex’
DRAMA. In the season finale of HBO’s most titillating new show, Dr. Masters gears up to give his big lecture on sexuality to the board and Margaret and Virginia (the excellent Allison Janney and Lizzie Caplan) deal with man problems. We’re don’t know how they’re going to wrap up the first season but we’re pretty sure that, no matter what happens, everyone will get off.
10 p.m., SHO

‘Xtreme Christmas’
SPECIAL. The most extreme thing that happened at our house at Christmas was that time Uncle Frank got ham-sauced on whiskey — and, uh, ham — and knocked over the tree. In this special, however, over-the-top Christmas celebrations of a slightly higher caliber are profiled.
7 p.m., TRAVEL

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