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TV watch list: The Emmys, ‘Hotel Hell’ and more

Seth Meyers. Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/NBC How many comedian buddies will make cameos to help out Emmy host Seth Meyers?
Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/NBC

66th Primetime Emmy Awards
This year, try out a special Monday night viewing of the Emmy awards, because nothing says festive party night like a Monday.
8 p.m., NBC

‘Hotel Hell’
Gordon Ramsay visits a hotel in Vermont, where the pet-friendly policy has gotten out of control. Out of control in quantity or variety? We’re hoping for some pet kangaroos.
9 p.m., FOX

‘The Simpsons’
If the Emmys aren’t your thing, don’t worry: There’s still more “Simpsons” to watch on the FXX marathon. In this episode, Homer takes Flanders on a trip to Las Vegas. Which Las Vegas activities can Ned Flanders even partake in? Maybe they’ll catch a Celine Dion show.

‘Pitch Perfect’
Can’t wait for the sequel to 2012’s most popular a capella movie? The original will have to do for now. You’ll just have to live with having “Cups” stuck in your head again.
7 p.m., HBO

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