TV Watch List: Thursday, April 14 - Metro US

TV Watch List: Thursday, April 14

‘The Office’
COMEDY. Bidding farewell to Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is sad. Will Ferrell stepping in as his replacement, Deangelo Vickers, makes his departure not as hard. That’s what she said! (That one’s for you, buddy.)
9 p.m., NBC

‘The Paul Reiser Show’
COMEDY. In the tradition of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Paul Reiser plays a heightened version of himself, dawdling through mid-life and occasionally going on auditions. Acknowledging this is a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” rip-off, Larry David stops by as a guest star.
Series premiere, 8:30 p.m., NBC

‘The Vampire Diaries’
DRAMA. Like that Klaus plot twist last week? There will be a whole lot more twisting (and shouting) at tonight’s retro dance party when he wreaks havoc on Mystic Falls.
8 p.m., The CW

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