TV watch list, Thursday, Dec. 11 - Metro US

TV watch list, Thursday, Dec. 11

Patrick McElhenney, FOX


This is the show’s 200th episode, which means it will be in syndication on TNT for the rest of your life. To celebrate, David Boreanaz directed this episode, which is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

8 p.m., FOX

‘A to Z’

Andrew and Zelda hit another big couple milestone: getting each other Christmas gifts. They decide to ask their friends for a little advice, which, on a sitcom, is generally a bad idea.

9:30 p.m., NBC

‘The Daily Show’

Jon’s guest for the day is Mick Foley, former professional wrestler and current women’s rights advocate.

11 p.m., Comedy Central

‘Project Runway: Threads’

The young designers find themselves faced with the challenge of coming up with a design for the cover of a magazine.

10 p.m., Lifetime

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