TV watch list, Thursday, Nov. 13 - Metro US

TV watch list, Thursday, Nov. 13

Look, Scott Foley didn't get picked on "Felicity," so we hope he wins the love triang
Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Look, we will feature a picture of Scott Foley in here as long as it takes Olivia to pick him on “Scandal.”


The Fitz/Olivia/Jake love triangle continues, but Olivia wants the boys to stay focused on Command, while audiences want Olivia to stay focused on not being with Fitz.

9 p.m., ABC

‘Big Bang Theory’

Sheldon has a slight overreaction to the news that Leonard needs surgery on a deviated septum. Well, it’s Sheldon, so the word “slight” may not be totally accurate.

8 p.m., CBS

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

“Hunger Games” stud Josh Hutcherson stops by, as does master comedian Tracy Ullman. We’re really hoping Jimmy gets both of them involved in a game together.

11:35 p.m., NBC

‘Watch What Happens Live’

Andy Cohen has Angelica Huston on his show, and we’re hoping she dishes more from her new memoir, ‘Watch Me.’

11 p.m., BRAVO

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