TV Watch List: Thursday, October 24 - Metro US

TV Watch List: Thursday, October 24

Scrubbing In Cast

Metro’s Thursday night TV breakdown.

‘Scrubbing In’
REALITY. Just when we think that the dark, reality TV overlords have scraped the very bottom of the bucket when it comes to new premises for shows, they drag up one more. This one is about nurses — nurses who apparently spend all of their off-duty hours getting hamsauce wasted and fighting/screwing/making bad life choices. Those are definitely the kind of people we like by our side in medical emergencies.
Series Premiere, 10 p.m., MTV

‘House of Wax’
SCARY MOVIE. The best thing about this month continues to be all the horror movies on TV. This is not the terrible Paris Hilton version (although the scene in which Paris gets a pole through her dumb dome is amazing), but the original Vincent Price flick. It’s a shlock classic.
8 p.m., TCM

‘Project Runway All Stars’
COMPETITION. No offense to Alyssa Milano but she is NO Heidi Klum. Thus, the “All Stars” edition of “Project Runway,” which she hosts, is but a pale, red-headed stepchild of a spinoff — but we’ll still tune in, because both versions of the show are addictive as all hell. In the season premiere, Debbie Harry guest judges.
Season Premiere, 9 p.m., LIFE

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