TV Watch List: Tuesday, January 14 – Metro US

TV Watch List: Tuesday, January 14

Check out the Golden Globe-winning series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Fox.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
COMEDY. You all should have been watching this show already (it’s really good!) But if you’re only just tuning in now because of its Golden Globes win, here’s what you need to know. Jake (Andy Samberg) and his uptight co-worker Amy have a long-standing bet about who can make the most arrests. Tonight, Jake wins and Amy has to pay up, in the form of a date.
8:30 pm, FOX

‘100 Days of Summer’
REALITY. The speed and sweatshop-like efficiency with which Bravo grinds out new reality shows is both impressive and terrifying. This new one is about young(ish) people in Chicago doing what young(ish) people on Bravo reality shows do best: get drunk, fight, talk smack, have sex and get even more drunk. Tonight, one girl shows up wearing navy blue to a white party. That’s obviously not going to go over well.
10 p.m., BRAVO

‘Friday Night Tykes’
REALITY. This new show is like “Dance Moms” except with little boys forced to play football by overbearing mothers with no hopes and dreams of their own, instead of little girls forced to dance. We’re guessing it’s equally depressing. Little boys in football gear are probably pretty adorable, though.
Series Premiere, 9 p.m., ESQUIRE