TV Watch List: Tuesday, Sept. 3 - Metro US

TV Watch List: Tuesday, Sept. 3


COMEDY. Tonight, Tosh reveals his newest fashion statement. Please let it be high-waisted jean shorts.
10 p.m., COMEDY

REALITY. You know that sketch they did on “SNL” a few months back, about all the Bravo spinoffs (it was really funny)? Well, this show is like the Discovery Channel version of that. Apparently it’s a spinoff of “Moonshiners” (a show about hicks who make the potent homebrew) featuring a cast member named Tickle, who… makes moonshine? A backwoods hick named Tickle sounds like a great premise for a horror movie, by the way.
10 p.m, DSC

‘Catfish: The TV Show’
REALITY. Tonight, the catfishee IS the catfish! Mind blown. This episode features a girl who has been sending photoshopped pictures of herself to her online boyfriend, to fool him into thinking she looks much better than she actually does. Not cool, lady.
10 p.m., MTV

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