TV Watch List: Wednesday, August 3 - Metro US

TV Watch List: Wednesday, August 3

‘Royal Pains’

DRAMA. Julie Benz guest stars as a HankMed patient
suffering from scurvy. And no, she does not play a pirate. She plays a
lesbian farmer.

9 p.m., USA

‘Truck Stop Missouri’

REALITY. Some people pull over at rest stops to fill the gas tank and grab a bite to eat. Others take a break at Midway Truck Stop near Columbia, Mo. to get a tattoo. Twelve businesses (including a fireworks stand and antique shop) make up this oasis for the road-weary, who, along with the employees of Midway, are the focus of this new series.

Series premiere, 10 p.m., Travel Channel

‘How Sharks Hunt’

REALITY. According to “Jaws,” they seem to go after skinny-dippers and young boys. But Shark Week might give us another answer.

9 p.m., Discovery

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