Tweets flowing in for #BlackatBLS – Metro US

Tweets flowing in for #BlackatBLS

Tweets flowing in for #BlackatBLS
Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Students at the historic Boston Latin School this week encouraged their peers to share their experiences with racial insensitivity using the hashtag#BlackatBLS. The campaign has taken off over the past few days, shedding light on the casual racism students say they experience from educators and classmates.

Organizers Kylie Webster Cazeau and Meggie Noel launched the campaign in a video posted to YouTube on Monday. By Thursday it had been viewed more than 4,000 times.

Rahn Dorsey, the city’s chief of education, responded ina video from the Boston Herald posted yesterday.

“I think any citations or allegations or suspicions of racial inequality we have got to take deadly serous in the district,” Dorsey told Boston Herald Radio. “I think we have to figure out what is the work that we need to do with that community to get to some of the root issues and to talk about substantive practice changes.”

The campaign also has support from City Councilor Tito Jackson, who tweeted he was “proud of the students at Boston Latin School 4 making their voice heard about their experience being #BlackAtBLS”

As it continues to expand to adults and students who don’t go to BLS, here are some of the tweets the campaign has inspired so far: