Twin sister of Greg Kelly’s accuser promises ‘truth will be known’ – Metro US

Twin sister of Greg Kelly’s accuser promises ‘truth will be known’

The twin sister of the woman who accused Greg Kelly of raping her has taken to a Facebook page to defend her sister’s credibility.

The page, called Shame on the NY Post, was created in protest of the Post’s decision to publish the accuser’s name and photo with the headline “Shady Lady” after the Manhattan DA declined to press charges against Kelly.

The woman’s twin has posted several comments on the page, insisting that many of the details reported are untrue and that the media “publicized a story full of holes.”

“If anyone was to read the report the DA has, you would all be shocked at how the media has completely chewed the facts up and spit them out the way they want the case to sound to protect Kelly. There’s so much more you all aren’t allowed to see,” the sister wrote.

“But in due time, [she] will speak and the truth will be known. I can promise that,” she added.

The twin also implied that media coverage of the investigation was slanted, due to Kelly’s employment with FOX 5, which is owned by NewsCorp — the same media company that owns the Post.

“Well, not all of us have Ken Sunshine in one pocket and News Corp in the other,” she wrote.

Ken Sunshine’s public relations firm, Sunshine Sachs, was hired to represent Kelly’s lawyer during the investigation.

“You guys as the public did not get an OUNCE of the truth of what actually happened,” she added. “And it’s been horrendous to see something that I experienced, by supporting my sister these past 4 months, to be completely mangled by the press.”

The twin grappled with other Facebook users who questioned whether her sister made the rape accusation simply because she was “caught” by her boyfriend.

“She did not get caught. She told him the day after it happened. I was there. Tell me something else you read from the papers?” her twin said.

She also denied that her sister continued to text Kelly about getting together again after October 8, the night she said he raped her.

“A victim doesn’t text her rapist to “hook up” again – and neither did [she],” her sister said.

The Manhattan DA’s office sent a letter to Kelly’s lawyer last week informing him that he would not be charged.

“After reviewing all the evidence, we have determined that the facts established during our investigation do not fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law,” Assistant District Attorney Martha Bashford wrote.