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Twitter game spurs advice for Boston students

As students start to swarm the streets of the city and freshman step into the Boston threshold for the first time, The Hub’s Twitter nation began compiling advice for those who aren’t familiar with the ways of a Bostonian.

The Twitter hashtag #BosFroshAdvice took over over the last couple days, getting hundreds of locals in on a game offering advice — some unpleasant, some hostile — to the class of 2015 and other new undergrads.

Even Mayor Thomas Menino got involved, linking some tips for students in the Twitter universe.

While some used the platform to help incoming coeds, others got snarky with some not-so-truthful advice.

Here are some of the top Tweets from the last two days.

@MetzgerBot: “Regular” at Dunkin Donuts means melted coffee ice cream w/ extra sugar. #BosFroshAdvice

@EvolvingCritic: Bostonians love it when you lit trash cans on fire after a Sox, Celts or Bruins game. It’s part of our initiation. #BosFroshAdvice

@GarrettQuinn: When you get a girl’s number always say “How ’bout them apples”. It’s what we all do. #BosFroshAdvice

@NotCoachTito: Don’t read Barstool unless you’re cool with people thinking you like child porn. #BosFroshAdvice

@RingPRgirl: If you need to get a Red Sox hat, don’t make it a pink one.

@Tzigal: We get it, you’re from New Jersey. Don’t wear your Yankees gear to a Sox-Rays game, the locals hate you enough as it is. #BosFroshAdvice

@paolaterrar: Worcester, Gloucester… pronounce phonetically, you’ll get it right… eventually. #BosFroshAdvice

@ianbouchard: Nah bro, no one can tell there’s 30 warm Natty Lites in your messenger bag. #BosFroshAdvice

@amttetreault: Ladies – Wearing a t-shirt with a belt is not an outfit. Even if you pair it with leggings. #BosFroshAdvice

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