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Twitter reacts to release of ‘Heroin: Cape Cod, USA’


On Monday, HBO released its much-anticipated documentary “Heroin: Cape Cod, USA,” which follows the lives of eight addicts in the Massachusetts vacation capital.

The film’s release has been widely covered in local media. Gov. Charlie Baker, who is currently pushing for an opioid bill as it makes its way through the State House, held a screening for the film earlier this month.

The size and scope of Massachusetts’ opioid epidemic is well known, especially to those living in the state. Deaths tied to heroin topped 1,000 last year, a 63 percent bump over 2012.

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“Heroin” brings an unvarnished look at that reality to the world.

On social media, reviews of the documentary, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki, have been largely positive.

Some, though, said the film focused too much on the gritty details of addicts’ lives, while offering few solutions to the heroin abuse problem.

Just watched " Heroin: Cape Cod USA" and I gotta say, Pretty poor. Seemed to be mainly about poor little rich kids...

Posted by James Paul Ludwig on Monday, December 28, 2015

Others couldn’t help but notice how often Dunkin’ Donuts makes cameos in the lives of the documentary’s subjects, who are seen ordering extra-extras at the drive-through, plotting deals in the coffee chain’s bathrooms and sipping iced coffees on the way into detox.

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