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Twitter’s surprised reaction to TIME’s Person of the Year

On Wednesday TIME unveiled its Person of the Year cover for 2015. The well-known magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its choice.

Merkel is only the fourth woman to ever be named as “Person of the Year” by TIME and is the first woman to receive this honor since 1986 whenCorazon Aquino, president ofthe Philippines graced the cover.

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TIME makes a special note of Merkel’s leadershiprolein the Greek debt crisis and her involvement with allowing refugees and migrants into Germany. The cover of the magazine features a painting of the German leader.

While these accomplishments are worthy of becoming the Person of the Year, many people on Twitter were surprised at TIME’s pick.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made sure he added his opinion. According to Trump, he believes the magazine would never choose him despite being a “big favorite” and the magazine picked someone who is “ruining Germany.”

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.

Some wanted to comment on the portrait painting of Chancellor Merkel.

Some people have never heard of Chancellor Merkel.

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