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Tyga’s new song about having sex with Kylie Jenner is just … no.

This certainly won’t make dinners at the Kardashian house any less awkward. Rapper Tyga dropped a new track off his upcoming album yesterday called “Stimulated,” and while the steamy lyrics never mention his newly 18-year-old girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, by name, the evidence is pretty damning — and squirm-inducing. “They say she is young, I shoulda waited. She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated,” he raps. “She a big girl dawg, I’m puttin’ in. Yeah I’m penetrating.” That’s just lovely, isn’t it?

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And unsurprisingly, Jenner’s family is totally not jazzed. “This is just so disgusting that the Kardashian family cannot even believe Tyga went there,” a source tells Radar Online. “He was doing so well and getting along great with Kylie’s sisters and parents and now he just lost huge brownie points because he completely disrespected her. Tyga knows not to discuss Kylie with anyone and then he goes and writes a song about having sex with her. It is just absolutely repulsive.” That’s one word for it.

Anyway, take a listen for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you:

And does anyone know what “dinner-plating” means?

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